Bel Air Art Center accepting proposals for Kōzē Hälō

Friday, January 19, 2018

Introduction and Background
The Bel Air Art Center is accepting proposals in response to this Request for Proposal, or RFP, to find a qualified individual or company to provide service for Kōzē Hälō coffee and tea room. Kōzē Hälō would like to offer visitors with locally sourced food and drink,embodying another exceptional experience in Rocky Mount’s Downtown landscape and adding to the overall Bel Air experience.

Our goals for the new vendor are as follows:
1. Provide our visitors with a quality coffee and tea experience that
complements their time at Bel Air, especially the Kōzē Hälō
2. Offer a simple menu that appeals to visitors and takes all the
common dietary restrictions into account.
3. Provide consistent and exceptional service to our patrons.
4. Be connected to Bel Air, the Rocky Mount community, and have
a commitment to the arts.
5. Be professional, organized, responsive, and honor the
regulations inherent in having a food and drink business within a
unique environment like an art center.

Submission Guidelines
The RFP guidelines are as follows:
1. Only qualified individuals or companies with prior experience on
projects such as this should apply.
2. Submissions should be sent to
3. Bidders must present a sample menu, including coffee and tea
options, soups, sandwiches, etc.
4. Proposals must be signed by a representative that is authorized
to commit bidder’s company.
5. If you have a standard set of terms and conditions, please
submit them with your proposal. All terms and conditions will be
subject to negotiation.
6. Bel Air Art Center anticipates selecting at least two individuals or
firms to have more in-depth discussions with, prior to choosing
the winning bidder.
7. The deadline for submission is based on the quantity and quality
of applications received. Space will be ready of renovations as
of mid-late March of 2018.

Project Description
Kōzē Hälō is designed to compliment Bel Air Art Center and the experience had within. Located in downtown Rocky Mount, in a beautiful historic building, Bel Air Art Center is just over 18,000 square feet divided over 2 floors. The first floor is laid out for professional artists, while the second is an art focused community center. The soul of Bel Air is to provide space for all artistic facets to mingle and flourish under one roof.The first floor will be completely renovated and projected completion is mid-late March of 2018. It will have 2,200 sq ft utilized for display art and 1,950 sq ft divided between a dozen individual art studios. A 365 sq ft meeting room is designed for art focused gatherings, such as book clubs, artist’s meet-n-greet, etc. Initially the meeting room will be home to Willow Tree Yoga, which will operate 6 days a week and feature multiple classes daily.

The second floor is to be renovated mid-2019 and will host a large yoga suite featuring 2 large yoga rooms, a private yoga room, multiple massage rooms, a large dance studio, 4 music studios, a large ceramics painting area and a film lounge. Ultimately, a large rooftop patio overlooking downtown will complete the atmosphere. The remaining rooftop will house solar panels.

Kōzē Hälō is located on the parking lot side of the first floor. It has its own entrance and will have an outdoor sitting area to compliment its atmosphere. The space itself is 780 sq ft, which includes a 180 sq ft kitchen. Therefore, the customer accessible space is roughly 600 sq ft. There is also an additional 220 sq ft loft in the mezzanine that will provide extra seating. The loft overlooks both the front gallery and the back studios and will be accessed by a spiral staircase. Because Bel Air hits on all facets of art, Kōzē Hälō is focused on being a cozy
reading or study nook. There will be a take-one-leave-one bookshelf filled with free books, courtesy of Bel Air. The area will have multiple comfortable sitting arrangements, like chairs and couches, with adequate adjustable lighting for individuals to make themselves right at home. Other seating includes a roomy 6-7 person bar and several tables of various sizes. The outdoor sitting area will feature fresh herbs and greenery with shaded seating arrangements for guests. A high-speed wifi connection will be available free to customers, and of course, one of a kind art will be displayed throughout.

We need a vendor to run and manage Kōzē Hälō!
We ideally would like to offer our patrons high-quality organic coffee and tea products and small bites featuring soups, sandwiches, desserts or smoothies in a seasonal rotating fashion. We would like to focus on fresh, local ingredients that are health conscious and mindful of vegetarian and/or vegan options. We are looking for a vendor that understands a commitment to excellence, service, and can work in the Bel Air environment. The following attached architectural drawing should help give you an idea of the spacing and layout. If you have
questions, they can be addressed upon applying.

Contact Information:
Bel Air Art Center
115 South Church Street
Rocky Mount, NC 27803

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